We have a production backlog and won't be taking any more orders until November.
However, feel free to browse our range and contact us with any questions you may have.
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Welcome to Chess Craft New Zealand

Creators of unique chess sets and game pieces.

Hand-crafted in Featherston using Takaka marble.

Amazing Chess Sets

Victorian chess set - Chess Craft NZ

Whether inspired by Napoleon or the Romans, recalling the oldest sets in chess history, adding a whimsical twist or featuring Maori legends, our sets will delight and entertain.

Beautiful Chess Boards

Regent chess board - 33cm - Chess Craft NZ

Our chess boards provide the perfect playing field for the chess sets. They come in two sizes and styles, and are hand-painted to match your chosen set or to your specifications.

Got Questions?

Chess Craft - Contact Us

Don’t sit there wondering- we’re always happy to answer questions! We love creating exquisite sets that people treasure for years, so if you’ve got specific requirements, get in touch.