Unfortunately, as of September 2017, all production of chessboards has been suspended until March 2018, due to a number of factors.

We are reassessing the business and looking at producing the sets in a different way to reduce costs and provides sets to customers more quickly.

We currently do not have any timeframe around this pause in the business. Please check back in the new year around March for an update.

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Welcome to Chess Craft New Zealand

Creators of unique chess sets and game pieces.

Hand-crafted in Featherston using Takaka marble.

Amazing Chess Sets

Victorian chess set - Chess Craft NZ

Whether inspired by Napoleon or the Romans, recalling the oldest sets in chess history, adding a whimsical twist or featuring Maori legends, our sets will delight and entertain.

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Beautiful Chess Boards

Regent chess board - 33cm - Chess Craft NZ

Our chess boards provide the perfect playing field for the chess sets. They come in two sizes and styles, and are hand-painted to match your chosen set or to your specifications.

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Got Questions?

Chess Craft - Contact Us

Don’t sit there wondering- we’re always happy to answer questions! We love creating exquisite sets that people treasure for years, so if you’ve got specific requirements, get in touch.

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